Monday, October 21, 2013

Bad Dog!

My furry pal of 12 years, Bogart, flew the coop, ran away, escaped, didn't even say good bye (well in all fairness he did some barking at the back door an hour previously) when he nudged his way out the screen door and walked on out on me.  I was panicked when I realized he was no longer in our company that is, my grandkids and I. 

Desperately seeking fido, calling out his name, running around the backyard; searching, frantically stopping postmen and neighbors as I drove up, down, and around the neighborhood asking for their help in finding my good buddy. After calling the animal control people and finding out they all had gone home for the evening, as a last resort, I called my husband at work; sobbing and heart broken.

After contacting the Beverly Police, Bogart was located.  He was safe, picked up by an animal control person and deposited at the Peabody dog pound.  I was sad to learn I couldn't be re-united with him until the next day but never the less, I was quite relieved.  He was an unlicensed vagabond and by law they couldn't release him to me (he does have all his shots including rabies!).  So the next day, I busted him out of the slammer after paying $35 for a Lowell dog license, $20 City of Beverly pick up fee and $28 for room and board.     

Alas, my best 'furry' bud is home again enjoying his life of comfort, safety and friendships.  Not sure if he remembers all or if anything of that dreaded day.

Oh well, such is life for man and beast.