Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting the most out of a reduction printing session

During two recent edition printing sessions, I decided to develop other printed images from the blocks worked during my typical reductive process.  With the principles of Notan, I decided when my block's printing surface was about 50% reduced; meaning when the plate is printed in one color, the design would hold 50% white shapes and 50% dark shapes.  It is at this point in time, I began experimenting with different printing techniques to create tangent prints within the development of my final reductive printed edition.

Here are some examples:


Tangent prints:

Background of print i.e. the negative spaces were cut out and a wood grain print glued to back of original print.

The tangent print above is comprised of three individual prints photoshopped together into one image for this final presentation.  

Final image: ONE DOZEN

Tangent prints

with chine colle

mirror image

mirror image with rubbings

A number of multiple images, called tangent prints, can be printed within the process of completing a reduction print edition.  I like the possibilities of creating a set of unique prints within the larger realm of completing an edition.