Friday, December 19, 2014

Eastern Grey Squirrels, not in my backyard.

How many opinions can one artist find acceptable or unacceptable as people react to my latest print project?
OK I must confess. I'm creating two, large linocuts (2'X3') of those furry, tree hugging, bird feeder raiding creatures called squirrels.

For me (I am a city dweller), these guys are tenaciously cute and to others: tenaciously repugnant.

I take daily walks with my Corgi, Bogart, to Lucy Park located between a canal and St. Anne's Church; a broad public area lined with benches and large oak trees. Just mention the word 'squirrel' to my Corgi and he is all pointy eared and wide-eyed (no bushy tail though).  As the squirrels busy themselves with work and play in this area, I quietly unleash my dog. He proceeds to tear up the turf chasing one or the scurries (a group of squirrels) up oak trees. Come down here! he barks.

Once a squirrel did fall from the tree onto his chest. Both animals were in a state of shock for a few milliseconds. The squirrel reacted first, bolting up the tree. Bogart looked at me and knew he missed his only life time chance to have squirrel stew.

I thought it would be great fun to create a print with squirrels poised in a variety of states looking down on us from an aerial position of superiority.  Now honestly... aren't they cute!

So here's my starting point: a lino diptych of a 'scurry' chased up an oak tree by a Corgi.
second state carving

first state print on second state linoleum
isolated and selective inking