Thursday, September 22, 2011

Open Air at Appleton Farms, Hamilton, MA

This past Saturday morning with plenty of warm and brilliant sunshine warming the air, I welcomed autumn by painting at Appleton Farms.
With the commencement of summer greens turning into honey color, I'm in palette paradise. Favorite paint combo is phalo-green and cadmium orange which equals ochre(s) galore. My outdoor palette is slim-trimmed to the use of cad yellow, cad orange, cad red, alizarin red, cobalt blue, French ultra-marine blue, viridian, phalo-green and a mountain of titanium white.
I couldn't resist setting up my gear near this over-sized barn with cooing pigeons atop and the fresh manure being discharged by a conveyor belt to the awaiting pick-up truck outside.
Appleton Farms is a land trust and is the oldest operating farm in the country... a rural gem to savor and enjoy!

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