Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pochade Paint Boxes

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, died last week. Because his life's passion was to turn the computer into "something wonderful", today I am much impressed by the computer's mobility and its diverse applications considering what my personal computer looked like and how it functioned (remember floppy discs?) a couple of decades ago.
The same type of revolution has happened to the pocade box. A pochade box is a portable paint box which holds paint brushes, paint tubes, palette, etc. and is carried into the landscape. Developed and used in the field for many, many decades, the ubiquitous wooden French easel weighs about 18 pounds (oh so heavy) and the wing nuts used for adjusting the length of legs are cumbersome.
Five years ago, after purchasing a few types of pochade boxes, I invested in a Soltek. This easel has a contemporary, sleek design made of light weight, space-age material, weighs in at 9 pounds; it's sturdy with automatic locking, telescoping legs makes this easel quick and easy to set up. I thoroughly enjoy the look and function of this easel. (In photo, I have included my iPod for comparision to my Soltek)
"Welcome to 21st Century plein air painting", www.soltekarts.com
Oh... my favorite APPLE product.... warm, homemade apple pie.

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