Thursday, September 19, 2013

Field Trip: an installation

One of the venues for 'Lowell Celebrates Printmaking' set for the month of October, is the American Textile History Museum.  I am curator and facilitator for an installation entitled, Field Trip in search of 'Bobbinflies' now showing through January 26, 2014 at the museum.  Christiane Corcelle, Lori DeMartin, Lauren Hartwick, Jean Winslow and I are the principle artist collaborators for this two sectioned installation.

The five artists metamorphosed 21 antique wood bobbins into creatures dynamic and wonderful and affectionately nick named them 'bobbinflies'.  The fanciful wings are comprised of original hand-printed monoprints created by each of the artists and cut into a diverse range of shape, size and texture.  Each is a unique creation which moves and spins on the air currents at the head of the main stairwell of the museum.

The second section to this installation are three scroll panels which hang alongside an enormous cast iron machine used in the 1800's for the printing of fabric.  The linen panels represent an imaginative field trip for the 'bobbinflies' as as an exploration of color, shape, texture and form while binding two materials, prints and woven textile into a cohesive glow from sky to ground.
As a friend exclaimed, "Great scale, great shadows, great creatures. Such happiness!"
Take the kids and go see the  exhibit.

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