Friday, August 26, 2016

Oh that wind

I no longer sail.

But...while sitting and painting on a narrow gangway plank leading to a float on the Parker River yesterday, with the wind being of a gusty speed, I was sure my painting easel with an umbrella attached would go sailing across the river. I kept a tight grip on the edge of box at all times.

This breezy outdoor painting experience reminded me of my sailing days when there were times a tight grip on the sail lines and tiller were needed in case the sails needed to luff (to spill the wind) and prevent extreme heeling over.  It was that windy outside and I loved every minute.

Painting at an arm's length from canvass, holding the paint brush close to its end while gripping the easel was a real painting challenge. My applied paint strokes were as choppy as the surface of the waters I was trying to render.

My artist friend, Barbara, came down for a visit and was impressed with what I had delivered to my canvass in so short of time.  She also helped to reclaim some cast-away items of mine from the nearby marsh grasses.  Oh that wind.

Plein air painting

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