Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Postcards to Myself, February 5-16 traveling to Jekyll Island, GA

5 February 2018   
345 miles from Lowell, MA to
Lums State Park in Bear, Delaware

Glad I had a ceramic heater to plug into because it was a chilly 43 degrees. Covering the ground around my trailer were hundreds of spikey balls of the Sweet Gum trees. 

6-10 February 2018  
230 miles from Bear, Delaware to
North Landing Beach in Virginia Beach, VA

A cozy studio cabin on the Intercoastal Waterway with no bed linens! come on...because I had a dog.  So... at night I snuggled in my down sleeping bag and dreamt of painting Bald Cypress trees and  then outdoors during the day and wrapped in a down coat I painted Bald Cypress trees with Jasmine by my side. 

11 February 2018  
361 miles from Virginia Beach, VA to
Cypress Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach SC

Suzie Winters and I had dinner together in Myrtle Beach.  We practiced 'laugh and giggle' therapy to relieve our personal emotional pain and stress... Laughter and friendship: so good for the soul.

12-16 February 2018  
310 miles from Myrtle Beach, SC to
Jekyll Island Campground, Georgia

Although Jekyll Island is a state owned barrier island with very restrictive development, it has a historical town center, a sea turtle rescue center and easy access to hundreds of beautiful beaches and other sites via of walking and bike paths. 

Driftwood Beach and the Fishing Pier were two of my favorite spots to paint. 

Dressing for island weather can be a challenge for this time of year: some days were foggy and cold, some days warm and humid. Fortunately, I was prepared for both.

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  1. I love your postcards! Your drawings and paintings are so beautiful and evocative of that specific time and place. Your cabin looks so sweet, and Jasmine seems right at home! Lucky dog! What fun!